The Top 3 Most Imaginative Super Bowl LIV Campaigns

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Commercials play a big role in how we make decisions about what to purchase for ourselves and our families. Commercial campaigns can evoke a spectrum of reactions, from hopeful to thought-provoking to absolute awe. The most memorable campaigns are the ones with the most imagination.

So, we asked ourselves: How do we know when we see an imaginative commercial? And if so, what makes it imaginative? At Greater Than One, we created a set of criteria that indicates when a campaign is truly imaginative.

It’s unexpected

Just like reading a suspense novel or watching a dramatic TV show, we love it when a story throws us a surprise. Imaginative stories take us to an unexpected journey that delights the senses and helps us rethink or reframe something we thought we knew before.

Sparks emotion

Imaginative stories affect the viewer. It impacts them and makes them emotionally respond in a way that ignites feeling, and maybe even passion.

Never seen before

Imaginative campaigns show us something that we once didn’t consider. Or re-imagines a familiar idea and presents it to us in ways we didn’t see it before.

Now that we’ve laid the groundwork on what makes a marketing campaign imaginative, we selected the top 3 Super Bowl ads that we think are the most imaginative.

Amazon: #BeforeAlexa

When a new piece of technology enters our lives and completely enhances our day-to-day life, it’s easy for us to forget what it was like without that technology. And we wonder, how have people been able to live without it for all of these years? That’s what this campaign plays with in ways that are hilarious, unique, and surprising.


Password purgatory: We’ve all been there. You’re trying to gain access to your account, but that pesky password eludes you. And now your nightmare happens—you’ve been locked out because you had too many failed tries. Dashlane’s commercial takes that moment of panic and heightens it. They take password purgatory to an unexpected place and tell that story in a way that hasn’t been done before.

Google: “Loretta”

Most of us are familiar with the functionality of Google’s search engine and voice assistance, but this imaginative campaign helps us contextualize it in an unexpected way that evoked emotion to the audience and in an innovative way with a compassionate human touch.

As marketers and content creators, the Super Bowl is always a great time of year to observe and take notes on how we can produce more imaginative work. As the health and wellness imagination agency, our aim is to help tell the story of our clients’ brands in imaginative ways.

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