Greater Than One Webinar – Digital First for Rare Disease Patients

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Join us on the 8th October at 10am EST as we host the first instalment of our Imagination Series – Digital First for Rare Disease Patients.If you have a vested interest in Rare Diseases and the acceleration of Digital Transformation, this is most certainly one for you.The webinar will be led by some of the industry’s leading strategists on Rare Diseases, who will be touching on the following themes:

  • Using Technology Strategically for Rare Diseases
  • What Marketers Should Expect in a Post-COVID World
  • Privacy and Enterprise Building
  • Social in EU Marketing of Rare Diseases

Greater Than One create imaginative brand and digital experiences for the world’s leading and rapidly-rising Biopharmas. Over 50% of our Clients are Rare and Ultra-Rare Disease specialists.

We are also the founders of Honeycomb Health, an NFP organisation created to help people living with a rare disease to securely digitize, organise, and manage their health records. Honeycomb Health is the first ever product based on Blockchain that makes a genuine difference to the lives of Rare Disease Patients.